Co-sign An Open Letter to Florida Prosecutor Angela Corey

Over the past two weeks, your actions along with thousands of others have helped get the wheels of justice in motion, and we know Trayvon and his family have been in your thoughts and prayers. Now stand up publicly and send those thoughts to Angela Corey, the new prosecutor on the case, to urge her compassion and swift pursuit of justice.

State Attorney Corey,

It has been a month since Trayvon Martin was shot and killed.

In the weeks since this tragedy, evidence of racial bias, investigative mishaps, and the true nature of the circumstances surrounding Trayvon's killing have shaken us to the core. The routine mishandling of similar cases by local police, prosecutors and judges has eroded the Sanford community's trust in the justice system's ability and willingness to do what is right and just.

However, nothing shakes us more than the knowledge that Trayvon Martin's killer, George Zimmerman, remains free.

The Martin family, the Sanford community and the world lost a precious gift in Trayvon. As the new prosecutor in this case, justice for Trayvon is now in your hands. We implore you to pursue this case with the energy and gravity that it warrants.

We pray that you have the strength to prosecute the case judiciously, and to passionately pursue justice.

Thank you.