Tell the United States Senate it is time to fix the filibuster

For too long, the Senate has been wrought with gridlock and a paralysis of progress. One of the culprits is the filibuster.

Under the current, broken system, senators can block a bill or appointment confirmation without even having to stand on the floor of the Senate. Even if a majority of the Senate approves of a piece of legislation or appointment, a sixty vote supermajority is needed to end the filibuster.

This problematic version of an important procedural tool is being used to block legislation on job creation, economic recovery, immigration reform, and criminal justice matters. We cannot afford another Congress with the existing filibuster rule in place.

Sign our petition demanding the new Senate reform the filibuster rule before the next session.

Sign the petition

"I am writing today to ask that you support Senate rules reform and fix the filibuster at the beginning of the next Congress."