Misplaced Priorities: Sign Our Petition to Tell America’s Governors to Focus on Education, not Incarceration

America spends too much money sending people to prison, and not enough to make sure they never get there. The result of our misplaced priorities is that too many children, particularly in communities of color, are set on a path to a prison cell instead of a college classroom.

On April 7, the NAACP released Misplaced Priorities, a new report that explores how America overspends on incarceration at the expense of education, and outlines the specific reforms that our states can enact to reverse this trend.

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Join us in calling on our nation’s governors to reset our spending priorities. Your signature will show the strength of our resolve and open the door to real reform in all 50 states.

It is time that we stand up together and say that every child in every community deserves a strong education.

Read the full petition with list of reforms here

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