I support justice for John McNeil

Attorney General Olens,

I am writing to request that you do not appeal a recent decision by the Georgia Superior Court, which will pave the way for John McNeil to be released from prison.

In self-defense, John McNeil, a successful African American businessman and father of two, shot and killed a white man. The deceased was a former builder who worked on John's property and had threatened John and his son with a weapon.

His case should have been covered under Georgia's Castle Doctrine, but John McNeil is sitting in jail serving a life sentence for murder.

The District Attorney brought charges 274 days after the incident. The police believed John McNeil acted in self-defense and did not commit a crime. Two officers who responded to the incident testified at trial that John McNeil acted in self-defense.

The court cited multiple errors at trial in deciding to grant Mr. McNeil's petition for habeas corpus, including a lack of proper instruction to the jury on a person's right in Georgia to use force to defend himself or another person from a violent attack.

Attorney General Olens, John McNeil deserves to be home with his family. His only crime is being black. I respectfully urge you not to pursue an appeal of the Georgia Superior Court's decision.

Thank you.