NAACP Childhood Obesity Advocacy Manual

For the first time in U.S. history, the current generation of young people could be the first to live sicker and die younger than their parents’ generation

Childhood obesity is plaguing African-American populations at a rate that is disproportionately higher than the rest of the country. The NAACP is focusing on three policy areas to address the root causes of childhood obesity.

1) Built environment: We need to improve community walkability and public transportation, enhance recreational spaces, and allow for better access to school playgrounds outside of school hours.

2) Food environments: Communities need better access to healthy, affordable foods in corner stores and local grocery stores.

3) School-based policies: Schools must emphasize increased physical activity during the school day and provide more nutritious school foods and drinks, including what is available at meals, in vending machines, and at concessions.

Please help us get started by filling out a short survey about the situation in your community, then downloading the NAACP Childhood Obesity Advocacy Manual: