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Wesley daniel chain Avoid these 3 mistakes novice player to grow faster forehand ! (Local)

I want to complete this article by evoking you 3 common mistakes that I see regularly in learning the forehand .

Immediately correct these errors, this is not to settle a bad forehand technique to advance your game

Here these three errors:
Error 1: forget pronation

Often mentioned in the technical service , Wesley daniel chain it remains the pronation will also be useful to hit a good forehand .

This occurs after a shot in the accompanying phase and end of movement.

Pronation forehand will facilitate the rotation of the ball from back to front ( lift ) and optimize the control.

The common mistake is often to finish the gesture by moving the arm around the neck without wesley chain rotating the forearm and wrist inwards ( pronation! ) .

Tip: Taking as a reference the back of the hand . The back of the hand should be facing inward toward the body at the end of movement. The back of the hand can come closer to the shoulder for a low- end gesture or ear ( reference : " listen to the back of the hand ") for a late move higher.

If this is the palm of the hand that is directed inward end of gesture , it lacks pronation in your forehand !

Error 2: be annoyed with the free arm


Suppose your free arm is positioned at the end of pronation Wesley chain (see previous article on the forehand ) , it should not be a hindrance while typing.

Too often , the free arm tends to remain fixed on the side for the start of the strike which tends to limit rotation of the torso forward and overnight crossing ball as it causes a blockage shoulders.

Tip: while rotating the torso forward at the onset of the strike , the free arm may come to rest on the lower abdomen.

This will prevent the "nodes" and allow the racket to move freely until the end of gesture .

Error 3: play continental grip or holding racket too high

The continental grip as close as it is semi- closed forehand grip , Wesley daniel chain is not a good decision for the creation of a good forehand .
Due to this close , too many players might use good decision but the final decision in Continental .
Use this decision forces the player to use offsets that are binding but can also sometimes be traumatic to the body.
For more information on the different measures applicable forehand you can view this article Vincent BlogtennisConcept : good decision racket forehand tennis !

 When we talk about holding racket , speaking of hand positioning higher or lower on the handle. The common mistake is to have a holding racket slightly too high which is not conducive to relaxation and tends to lock the wrist.
With a holding racket too high , pronation is also , made ??difficult .

Tip: You can , if you feel the tension in striking down the hand to place the heel of the racket in the palm of your hand . Wesley daniel chain From the first strikes , the feeling of stiffness disappear.

At each player to find the right balance to find its great landmark for holding racket .

I hope these tips on the most common errors on the forehand will be useful and will save you time !
 If you encounter other problems when you play your forehand , I am ready to help you !

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