Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement

The NAACP, along with our half-million adult and youth members throughout the United States, are frontline advocates committed to raising awareness for political, educational, social and economic equality of minority group citizens in the electoral process. With approximately 2,000 adult branches, youth councils, and college chapters in 49 states, 5 countries and the District of Columbia, the NAACP is actively engaged in increasing the African American responsiveness of citizens to be fully engaged in the democratic process.


The NAACP is preparing to engage in a massive voter registration, education, and get out the vote campaign, active in fifty states, combined with a more aggressive “deep dive” program in targeted states.  Making use of the NAACP’s over 2,000 local units voter contact technology, grassroots volunteer mobilization and the NAACP’s strong relationships with media, churches, fraternal organizations and other allies; the NAACP seeks to register hundreds of thousands voters and get out to vote millions more.

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