NAACP Senior Staff

  • Hilary O. Shelton is the Senior Vice President for Advocacy for the NAACP where he directs the NAACP Washington Bureau. Mr. Shelton has more than 20 years of experience in government relations and federal advocacy. Prior to serving as director to the NAACP Washington Bureau, Mr. Shelton served in a number of leadership capacities for leading civil and human rights organizations. Read more »

  • Shavon Arline-Bradley is the Executive Vice President of Strategic Planning & Partnerships.  During the interim transition of the president & CEO, she served as the Chief of Staff  & Chief Programs Officer where she was responsible for issue area advocacy agenda and overall staff operations.

  • Ana Aponte-Curtis is Vice President of Events Planning, overseeing all conferences, meetings, meeting locations, travel, vendors, logistics, exhibits, and event operations. Read More »

  • Kia Pearson is the Vice President, Executive Office Operations for the NAACP. Prior to her current tenure, she served in other senior staff positions including the following: Treasurer for the Mfume for United States Senate Campaign and Director of Executive Operations for the NAACP under the leadership of the former President and CEO, Kweisi Mfume. Read more »
  • Dedrick Asante-Muhammad is Senior Director for Economic Programs for the NAACP.  Dedrick comes out of a family rooted in the struggle for Civil Rights. His mother was a white Southern Civil Rights activist. His African American father, was born in segregated Arkansas, living through the struggle to end Jim Crow segregation. Read more »
  • Sam Gaillard
  • Scott Melton