Field Resources

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Redistricting 101


Branch Election Dates to Remember (.pdf)

All Alert Promotional Postcards (.pdf)

Thalheimer Awards Application (.pdf)

Cobb Awards Application (.pdf)

Guide For Committee Written Reports (.pdf)

2013 YC Annual Convention Forms (.pdf)

2013 NAACP YC Convention Awards Packet (.pdf)

Unit Reporting



2014 Bylaws for Units

Unit Financial & Bookkeeping Guide (.pdf)

Unit Election Manual (.pdf)

State/State Area Conference Youth & College Guidelines

Youth & College Unit Information Form (.pdf)

Youth & College Officer Update Form (.pdf)

Youth & College Quarterly Report Form (.pdf)

College Chapter Report Form (.pdf)

  • 2015 Bookkeeping Guide
  • 2014 Annual Financial Report Long Form(PDF) (XLS)
  • 2014 Annual Financial Report Short Form(PDF) (XLS)
  • 2013 Annual Financial Report Long Form(PDF) (XLS)
  • 2013 Annual Financial Report Short Form(PDF) (XLS)
  • 2012 Annual Financial Report Long Form(PDF) (XLS)
  • 2012 Annual Financial Report Short Form(PDF) (XLS)
  • 2011 990 form (PDF)

Membership Forms

Membership Application (.pdf)

Unit Membership Report Form (.pdf)

Membership Tax Table (.pdf)

Merchandise Order Form (.pdf)

Membership Order Form (.pdf)

Legal Resources

NAACP Special Event Application (.pdf)

Request for Direct Action (.pdf)

Written approval from the General Counsel and the President/CEO must be obtained before you lead, participate in, or endorse a boycott, demonstration, picket, rally or coalition. (Please review the attached pages, which come from the NAACP Civil Rights Reference Manual, before completing this request.) All request to take direct action must first be submitted to your Senior VP of programs for reccomendation. Immediately upon submitting request to take direct action, please notify NAACP office of general counsel by phone or Email.

Issue Training Materials

Education: Getting To Good Schools (PowerPoint)
Education: Fundamentals of Education Organizing (PowerPoint)

Criminal Justice: Effective Outreach to Law Enforcement (PowerPoint)
Criminal Justice: A Smart & Safe Criminal Justice Strategy (PowerPoint)


Youth & College Advisor's Manual

Youth & College Election Manual