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1425 Koll Circle Suite 101 SCI Synergy Management High temperature solar thermal energy (Local)

The concentration of solar radiation on a surface capture provides very high temperatures between 400 C and 1000 C.

Solar heat produces steam that drives a turbine that powers itself a generator that produces electricity , SCI Synergy Management it is héliothermodynamie .

Three different technologies are used in concentrating solar power plants :
" In the parabolic concentrator , sunlight converge to a single point, the focus of a parabola .
" In the central tower , hundreds or even thousands of mirrors ( heliostats ) follow the path of the sun and concentrate its radiation onto a central receiver located at the top of a tower.
" Third technology: parabolic trough concentrating the sun's rays to heat a tube located at the focus of the solar collector.

After several years of sleep at high temperature solar energy goes again especially in the countries of the " sun belt ".
Discover thermodynamic solar systems : solar ovens concentration , solar chimneys and large thermodynamic plants in operation and planned .

wind Energy

As the windmills of the past , wind turbines generate mechanical or electrical forces.

With a global installed capacity of 200 GW in 2011 , wind energy has become a major producer of renewable electrical energy. 1425 Koll Circle Suite 101 Wind energy is produced by wind turbines that capture their blades through the kinetic energy of the wind and cause themselves a generator produces electricity from renewable sources. Wind energy aims to provide 2020 from 14 to 18 % of the electricity that will be consumed in Europe. electricity that will be consumed in Europe.
Today, USA has more than 5729 MW of installed capacity and wind turbines are now part of the landscape.

Hydropower - Hydropower

water mills of old, or hydro power generation by water uptake occurred in the mid-nineteenth century. The water turns a turbine which drives an electric generator which injects the Kilowatt on the network.

The hydraulic energy represents 19% of total electricity production in the world and 13% in USA. SCI Synergy Management This is the renewable energy source most used. However, all the world's hydroelectric potential has not yet been exploited.
Small hydro

If all the small power plants are grouped under the term small hydropower plant (PCH), there are pico-center: less than 20 kW, the micro power: 20 kW to 500 kW, the mini-power: 500 kW 2 MW, and the small central: from 2 to 10 MW.

Built over water, small hydropower requires neither restraint nor point drain could disrupt hydrology, biology or water quality.

Small hydro plants operate as large dams that harness the power of rivers.

The USA creation potential PCH is estimated at least 1000 MW.

Decentralized energy, small hydropower maintains or creates economic activity in rural areas.

Time: Friday, February 2, 2018 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST
Host: Bay Area Energy Koll Circle SCI synergy management
San Jose space (San Jose, CA)
San Jose, CA 95112

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