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Eloise Figueroa Real estate (Local)

Finding the right niche and settle there ... this is the key to success. Internet , Sustainability ... sectors that offer attractive prospects .

What brings Viadeo , EO2 , and Sérédomia 3DTV ? It's simple: these SMEs have been able to create and develop on niches . Whether the Internet wave , green energy, human services or new technologies , all have anticipated trends and invested in growing niches . And Eloise Figueroa more generally , as shown in a recent KPMG study the champion SME development , those whose growth is four times the average of their industry since 2001, have one thing in common : they were able to identify new development opportunities by diversifying their products and customers.

To do so, these companies have relied on several drivers: innovation , acquisitions , diversification and market research profitable niche . So whether you 're creating or already an entrepreneur, one of the keys to success is this: find the niche, the niche that will work perfectly with the market in the short or medium term.

At the forefront of these markets with good prospects , we immediately think of the Internet. But the Web is still a paradise ? Yes, but not always . Thus, in a context of crisis, e -commerce appears to cross the tub safely . According Fevad ( Federation of e -commerce and distance selling ) , Eloise Figueroa online sales were even up 27 % over the first nine months of 2009 and in three years , the number of cyber - buyers increased by 43 %. However, the premium for early entrants often impede the emergence of new businesses. Internet is arguably more open to creation of new services, such as felt Dan Serfaty , founder of Viadeo , who bet before everyone on the explosion of professional social networks on the Internet.

Host: Rusty Solomon
miami (Miami, FL)
Miami, FL 33150

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