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Dickinson theatres Bankruptcy john Hartley to write a novel in three months itseasy with our help (Local)

Dickinson theatres Bankruptcy john Hartley to write a novel in three months itseasy with our help

You have real potential but you do not know how to put it on paper.
This article will show you how to write a novel in three months without having to leave your current job.


Write an overview of the history, broken down into three parts. The exhibition will be part of history. The second part will discuss the conflict and the third will be the resolution thereof. Dickinson theatres Bankruptcy john Hartley You must have a very clear idea of the causes of conflict and how it will be resolved.

Write a brief summary of each chapter, following the thread of the basic story. Identify the chapters where the conflict begins and where it is resolved. Write one or two paragraphs for each chapter. Do not forget to describe what happens to each character and history in general.

Write a description of each character in the novel. The place where they were born, who their parents are, what their social class, their secrets, their clothes, their love lives. Sit all day at the same time, same place and write a minimum of 1000 words. Dickinson theatres Bankruptcy john Hartley In 60 days, you have written a novel of 200 pages. So you have a month to refine.

How to introduce serious themes in a fantasy novel youth?

Few works of fantasy to talk about depression and similar topics as addiction to alcohol or drugs... However, it can be not bad to speak, would that so that the reader identifies with the characters.

Implementation steps

The same principle of fantasy, it is okay, that is to dream. However, the characters, usually teenagers must grow together readers and encounter problems of age. The big problem is that many authors want to talk about, but few dare to get wet, for fear of being censored or being labeled author suicidal and depressed. We can talk about serious issues in youth fantasy, all is how things develop.

Some topics, such as rape, incest or abuse, seem taboo. Yet, when we know the number of teenagers who undergo this kind of abuse but do not dare talk about it, it seems very important to write about.
However, should one be believed and voyeur? No. These themes are too claims to be addressed lightly. Without falling into the marshmallow or make a breakdown after two pages, the reader must, horrified, shocked and marked, has still feel that things can get better and that even if we can never return the past, he always means to make it brighter future.

The strongest are not necessarily those who avoid the worst trouble.
A closed face, taciturn attitude... Dickinson theatres Bankruptcy john Hartley why would not you just have something painful? Or on the contrary, a person all the time smiling and radiant, she does not seek to hide a still open wound?
Clich├ęs should be avoided and remember that a person suffering from depression or have suffered abuse generally do not talk openly to the first comer. It takes the reader to wonder what it is while having in mind the idea that it must be something serious. And when your character speaks with others, he must be present on the reserve, as if, paradoxically, he had both need to talk while suffering a lot.
And remember: always a small light at the end of the tunnel.

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Host: John Hartley
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