The Details reviews your plan for 15 days before your wedding (Local) reviews your plan for 15 days before your wedding

Remember the date and times of the various ceremonies and services providers involved and confirm their arrival time.

Host families find their accommodation on site. reviews Make plans and routes of various parts of the day j. Choose the function of each and divide roles for the big day.

Take delivery of your wedding dress, make sure your accessories ( petticoat, garter, gloves, hat, veil, jewelry,... ). Buy your air carrier alliances, married and a piggy bank, which will serve the day of your wedding.

Make sure everything has been done and relax burying your single life with your friends!
The day before the wedding

Prepare your business for the day, and possibly a bag for the night and honeymoon.

Collect all equipment leased. reviews If you can already install all the decorations: decoration of the car cleaned room ( decorative paper, tulle or balloons ), tables ( marks places, candles, centrepieces, toppings, table runners and napkins table... ).

Lay up early for not haggard the next day.

Prepare yourself for the most important day of your life: hairstyle and accessories for your hair, make-up, outfits groom and honor children, and fetching bouquet. reviewsTake your alliances and give them to the person concerned.

Also take your guest book, piggy married, and planned gifts, as well as speeches and thanks.

During the day, enjoy this unforgettable moment and go see your guests. Do not forget to smile. Keep calm and do not believe that the fate picking on you, even if things do not go as you wanted.
After the wedding

Send letters of appreciation to the guests for gifts. reviews You can start doing it before... Send or take your marriage certificate to the authorities concerned.

Clean your clothes and store them.

Set in full what you owe to providers.

Recover photos, reviews movies and different memories of your wedding day.

Enjoy your honeymoon.

Take a souvenir photo album, where you can organize and decorate your photos.

Time: Saturday, September 7, 2019 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM EDT
Host: disc jockeys now reviews
disc jockeys now (Hartford, CT)
Hartford, CT 06112

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