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lora dillenkoffer How to get a deep tan safely ? (Local)

lora dillenkoffer How to get a deep tan safely ?

On sunny days , it's nice to bask in the sun to get a nice golden color. lora dillenkoffer But beware, if the sun is an ally , it can also be very harmful , so do not be abused. Here are the steps to follow to get an intense tan while protecting your skin effectively.

Stages of completion


    Tanning Capsules
    Protective oil low index
    after sun

Prepare your skin with capsules (there are everywhere, in supermarkets , pharmacy, perfumery ... ) . lora dillenkoffer Taken one month before the exposure they allow to prepare the skin to the sun and tan faster by getting more intense and uniform tan.
During the first day of the exhibition, it is preferable to use a high degree of protection (20 to 30 or more for sensitive skin ! ) Contrary to popular belief use a high protection does not prevent tanning , it allows simply to protect the skin from harmful rays for early tan. Once we started to tan , you can use a lower filter because the skin can defend itself from UV rays.
However, a good protection is mandatory as it helps the skin to protect itself .
When the sun is less intense ( at the beginning or end of the day ), and when the skin is already tanned , you can use a solar oil or cream low protection to accelerate tanning, all without risk of damage his skin.
After sun exposure it is important to moisturize the skin , so it happens after a good dose of sun , preferably ultra moisturizing and refreshing.
To accentuate your tan , do not hesitate to use the self-tanning , lora dillenkoffer they are more illusion and texture allows application without a trace , guaranteed !

How to get a nice tan in the winter?

You will agree , we are pretty much the summer with our dresses , our golden tanned and dyed, our fresh and luminous skin are packed men ! But winter is almost here , and our tan fades to leave a white and transparent skin , lora dillenkoffer intoxicated by pollution. But this year , NO! you do not look like a snowman, and YES ! you will have a beautiful tan that your colleague made ??UV every weekend ! Here for a list of latest trends and effective for a healthy winter tan!

Stages of completion


    Ensoleillante a moisturizer
    The foundation
    a brush

You surely know the ensoleillantes creams that brightens your skin a gradual tan. For me, the best I've tried ,lora dillenkoffer  this is the cream mixa " moisturizing sun shine ." Very inexpensive , efficient and comfortable to wear, it gradually restore your face its summer glow !
But the trend today are solar illuminators, essential accessories of the season . Very easy to apply melting textures , even for those who do not usually wear makeup !
In color , choose makeup amber and apricot to brown , gold and chocolate brown , cinnamon and pink for blondes and light brown .
Sublimating the foundation arise after moisturizer (normal or sun effect). It radiates your face without " glitter effect". Clinique brand offers its " Lighting Up , complexion enhancer " shade number 02 , " greedy like a peach ." This is a very nice and delicate fluid.
The Estée Lauder brand , it also offers a medium complexion enhancer , but much bigger , it resists heat and covers all your imperfections " Bronze Goddess Sun tinged fluid ."
Replacing fluids , gels chills textures are equally effective . lora dillenkoffer They refresh your skin while giving them a semblance of return range . Gemey Maybelline created its freshness gel Dream SunBronze Face .
Nuxe also produces frozen. This mark shows the tan summer without tanning . Jelly " complexion ultra prodigious Nuxe " in addition to brighten your complexion , moisturizes intensely.
A cult product is its key Sisley Matt Gel for combination skin , a texture with mattifying pigments shock, to keep your skin from morning till night !
Finally, leisure products, such as " Bronze expert creator brush Tan " Terry , you can make very small flakes , where you need it . You will feel like a vacation with these nuggets of sunshine!

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