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swiss wrist How do I find the North through your watch? (Local)

swiss wrist How do I find the North through your watch?

A practical technique that can be vital, and you just need to find north, swiss wrist a watch and a little memory to remember the following!

The sun is always rising in the east and sets in the West simply point your wrist toward the sun.
If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, swiss wrist the South found exactly between your hand and the symbol 12. The North will be the opposite.
If you're in the southern hemisphere point 12 of your watch at the sun directly in order to find the North. The South will be the opposite.

How to maintain your watch?

We do not always think , but maintain your watch is essential not only its appearance but also its functioning in the long term. swiss wrist Be especially careful with it, especially if you paid a small sum to acquire it.

Clean the face with a cloth dampened with water or detergent. Disassemble the bracelet and if it is not leather , wash with soapy water and a soft brush , if leather using a damp cloth over , feed it with a little oil and polish.
If your watch is water resistant , rinse thoroughly with fresh water after swimming in the pool or seawater Do check the seal to a specialist every two years. If condensation appears inside the dial after a bath , swiss wrist do more diving in the water and bring it to a jeweler , watchmaker.
If the inside of the dial seems dirty or dust crept into the mechanism , do not disassemble the watch yourself and prefer to entrust the care of a specialist who will clean safely.
If your watch is battery , change it as needed (usually when the second hand starts twitching ). swiss wrist Open the box carefully so as not to leave marks (again, turn to a specialist if you are afraid to hurt you go ). Never leave a dead battery in a watch.
If your watch is winding , never force the crown. When you do tyour or a simple change of time or date , always remove the watch from your wrist otherwise distort the fragile stem of the crown.

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