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Tim Bohlke How to make a magazine rack with a stool Timothy bohlke ? (Local)

Tim Bohlke How to make a magazine rack with a stool Timothy bohlke ?

How about recycling this ugly foot stool all you wanted to throw in original place next to your sofa magazine rack? tim bohlke Go a few balls of yarn and voila!

First, turn the stool. Down one of the legs, tie the end of a ball of wool. Try with wire wool at the bottom of the foot and go to the second leg of the stool.
Wrap the wire around the second leg wool and go to 3rd foot. timothy bohlke Continue this environment feet wool until it arrived at the end of the feet. Finish by tying wire wool.
To connect the remnants of wool between them, make small knots which will be concealed in the son winding legs of the stool.

Tips and Warnings

If you want a vintage magazine rack, tim bohlke replace the wool by electric cables sold in hardware stores and alternate the colors of cables.

How to make lanterns with soda cans? Planning a party outdoors and you want an original idea to create a special atmosphere? Make lanterns with soda cans.

On the outside of the soda drawing lines spacing them evenly.
The segments are drawn from the shelf edge to edge of the base.
With the cutter blade, make a cut on the end of each line.
With scissors, cut the strips.
Place the "standing" bobbin on your worktop. timothy bohlke Press with your hand to the bands open corolla.
Hang the lantern by the tongue at the place of your choice in helping you the piece of string. tim bohlke Insert a tea plate in the lantern.


You can, if you want a brighter light, cut a strip on both on the bobbin.


Time: Saturday, September 7, 2019 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT
Host: Tim Bohlke
Tim Bohlke (Wildwood, NJ)
Wildwood, NJ 08260

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