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swiss wrist How to Clean a waterproof watch? (Local)

swiss wrist How to Clean a waterproof watch?

You have a waterproof watch? Note that cleaning accessory requires specific gestures. swiss wrist To enjoy the features of your waterproof watch, here is how you should proceed to clean it well :

The first thing you should do is make sure the crown is located at the crown of your waterproof watch is locked.
Once verified, you have an interest in your wrist timepieces. It is quite possible that this bracelet is not waterproof : this is particularly the case if it is rubber or metal. You will have to remove and disassemble carefully.
It is only then that you can clean up your waterproof watch. swiss wrist Soak an old toothbrush with a little soap or shampoo and thoroughly clean every corner of your watch and bracelet if it is waterproof.
To finish cleaning a waterproof watch, rid it of the last traces of detergent and dry by using a soft cloth.

swiss wrist How to Clean a non- waterproof watch?

This makes long as you own your watch non- waterproof and it was dirty. You want to give it a second life by cleaning? Here is how you should undertake this operation.

Before anything else, swiss wrist you should know that non- waterproof watch should never come into direct contact with water : it will damage mechanisms.
The first thing you need to do is remove the strap in order to clean the case smoothly. swiss wrist To do so, use a soft cloth that has been slightly dampened. You can then rub the surface of the housing and remove impurities.
For a thorough cleaning, you can use an old toothbrush (not wetted ). You can also use a cotton swab that you have dipped in scarlet water to remove any traces of grease.
Before completing the transaction, swiss wrist you can spend again a soft cloth slightly moistened the surface of your non- waterproof watch.
Cleaning your waterproof watch can be completed using a soft dry cloth.

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