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john kruer How to create lasting memories for your children? (Local)

john kruer How to create lasting memories for your children?

You want your children grow with fond memories of their childhood. john kruer Start early to collect those memories. Later, your children will be grateful to find all these delicious memories of a time forever in their memory.

Implementation steps

You must first identify what is important to your family. Analyze the values ​​you want to pass on to your children.

Think about the memories. They are good or bad. It does not matter, john kruer what are your memories. A birthday with a smile of the child, or the day he came home from school in tears because of a punishment.
They are still memories.

Take pictures for each event. Capture memories and keep them in albums. Always add something special to an event. A gift, of course, but also the presence of other people who will be witnesses. john kruer Choose a day to visit a park or zoo. These are unforgettable days for a child.

Collect your memories by date. Over time, show your children all the memories you have kept. Tell them they are to them. And do not forget that you also probably want to keep these memories with you. Create your own photo album. You can watch them when your children are gone to their lives, john kruer and start thinking about other memorabilia.

Tips and Warnings

Tip (s):

Collect your memories naturally. Do not force yourself. john kruer This is not a necessity, but a wish.

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