North Carolina NAACP Continues 4th Week of Action

Now in its 4th week, the NC NAACP lead Moral Mondays protests continue to build momentum and followers for its cause of rolling back legislation from the NC house. Moral Mondays had its largest attendance to date as well as largest number of participants arrested in civil disobedience. With over 1,000 attendees and 57 arrests, the Forward Together movement continues to grow and gain more people that are willing to fight for justice in the state of North Carolina.

The Forward Together movement will continue to fight against cuts to social programs, education reforms and changes to voting laws in the state. The legislation that the NC House has pushed forward would hurt the most vulnerable North Carolinians and the voting rights legislation continues to attempt to undermine the people’s right to vote.

In a press conference at Dave Street Baptist Church NC NAACP President Reverend Barber said:

The Leadership wants to make our state a place of deeper stratification and inequality. It is not accidental or naïve it is premeditated and planned.

For the first time North Carolina Governor Pat McCroy has weighed in on the massive protest that have engulfed the capitol the past four Mondays. The Governor believes that the operations of the government are broken and in order to fix the issues of the state it is necessary to upset certain constituencies on all sides of the political spectrum. 

Despite the Governor’s sentiment the NC State President Reverend Barber and the Forward Together movement will continue to take action on protecting the voting rights of all North Carolinians as well as protecting the programs that serve minorities and the poor.

If you are in North Carolina and would like to get involved or receive updates on the Forward Together Movement text NC 62227 for more information.