One Nation Working Together: Humanity In Action

This weekend One Nation Working Together--better known as the 10-2-10 movement— held its march on Washington. The NAACP among other civil rights, labor unions, environmental and other social advocacy groups, embarked on the monumental journey to our nation's capital. These organizations all came to support One Nation’s initiative to preserve public education, develop a stronger more stable economy, create more jobs for people throughout the United States and ensure that judicial system is fair and unbiased toward all American citizens.

My NAACP chapter at Morehouse College also made the long, daunting ten-hour bus ride from Atlanta, Georgia to Washington, D.C., to show our support for the cause. In all honesty before my trip I heard little about One Nation and knew even less about their mission. My reasoning for attending the trip was merely because I had never been to my nation’s capital.

Needless to say I got way more than a vacation, I got a first-hand look at humanity in action.