On the Tom Joyner Census Bus, Day One

By Carmen Watkins

By now you should have received and returned your census form from the US government. But of course, for many of us it was carefully placed in file 13, along with toll receipts shopping circulars, credit card solicitations bragging of a 30% interest rates and of course the letter addressed "Congratulations...you have just won...." While as tempting as it was to discard or misplace your form or maybe you just completed it but left it on the desk or kitchen table, it’s time to get your act in gear.

The NAACP Regional Census Team has been working hard to encourage all households to return their census form. Recently, I joined in with the Tom Joyner Morning Show Census tour bus, a 14 city tour, to encourage the folks in Dallas and Houston, Texas to fill out the census forms and turn them in. Conveniently, at the time of the Joyner launch, reports show Texas trailing the nation in rates of return for the census form.